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A&G Mourtides Sumo R80

12,00 €

Ring: 80  Diameter: 31.75 mm
Length: 150mm / 5 7/8"  inches
Size: Sumo


A&G Mourtides Cigars proudly presents to our friends, SUMO R80. A mighty giant, with a plethoric aromatic profile and a rich creamy smoke, specially crafted for the aficionados who enjoy large ring gauge cigars.

We wanted to create a cigar for the days you just need to pause, appreciate everything around you and enjoy that very moment with a long lasting company. So, set aside time and indulge in a beautiful smoking experience full of complex and balanced flavours.

Look & Touch
At a glance, one cannot help but admire how its deep colorado hues blend with the white cigar band with platinum embossed details, inspired by the Champion's belt, that was exclusively designed to complement and emphasize SUMO's imposing presence.

Rich with a masculine silkiness, strong yet delicate and noble to touch. A generously proportioned cigar that urges you to explore it.

Aromas & Flavours
Its superior combustion and effortless draw, unfold a burst of flavours and aromas that start strong and last long. The aromatic journey begins with woodsy tones and hints of sweet spices, in a mellow earthy canvas. The rhythmic succession goes on with honeyed notes and hints of roasted coffee and cocoa, leading to a generous finale of rich creamy and nutty flavours with chocolate touches.