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A&G Mourtides Boxpressed

9,00 €

Ring: 60(boxpressed)  Diameter: 23,81 mm
Length: 168mm / 6 5/8"  inches
Size: Boxpressed Magnum


A&G Mourtides Box Pressed cigars made their debut as Edición Limitada 2016, receiving the warmest welcome from the cigar community for their captivating character and now they have become an indispensable part of our collection.

Box Pressed Premium cigars are totally handmade (hecho totalmente a mano) of Honduran origin. Their filler is composed of full leaves of tobacco (Long Filler) with naturally aged Maduro wrapper.

Trunk Press
Masterfully squared pressed with the trunk pressing method: a very delicate and time-consuming process, that results in a cigar with a unique and distinctive character. Cigars are placed in rows of 20-25 in special wooden shelves, with dividers made from aromatic cedar. Afterwards, they are sealed with cedar covers and evenly distributed pressure is applied for 72 hours. Meticulous attention to detail and precision, is required throughout the entire process, so that every cigar remains flawless.

With the above technique, we manage to achieve a harmonious diffusion and blending of aromas across all leaves, for the composition of a new aromatic and flavour synthesis, that transforms the cigar into a delightful and luscious experience.

Look & Touch
An architectural feat with perfect symmetry. Masterfully rolled in aged Maduro leaves with deep dark hues closely resembling bitter chocolate. Robust and firm, with a structure that makes it a joy in the hand, where strict lines and smooth curves are gracefully combined.

Aromas & Flavours
The robust and firm structure of this cigar, leads to a long-lasting and perfectly balanced combustion. Its creamy smoke is full of gentle earthy and mellow aromas, while cocoa and black chocolate notes set the rhythm. Nutty elements, sweet spices, cedar and honey complete its complex, yet always balanced, delightful profile.